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Dextrol is a premium range of high-performance lubes specifically created with the automobile, industrial and marine segments in mind. In fact, it is formulated to match the technological brilliance and unique demands of today’s high-end engines and equipment, all thanks to OLG’s robust R&D and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Dextrol is produced at the group’s modern manufacturing facility in the UAE and conforms to international standards and stringent quality measures. It is agility in its purest form and the most innovative an automobile lube can ever be. Which explains why the brand has been finding many followers recently in the discerning Middle East markets such as KSA, UAE, Qatar, and India amongst others. For a company that believes in the power of innovation to keep the world in motion, Dextrol is proof that it’s headed in the right direction.


Two Wheeler Engine Oil


Car Engine Oil


Heavy-Duty Engine Oil


Automatic Transmission Fluid


Industrial Oil


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The inherent characteristics
that give Dextrol its personality
and quality is derived from the
superior manufacturing procedures
that go into its making...

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As a registered partner, you can
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opportunities that come with every
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